Folding Matters


Folding Matters Workshop
At: Contemporary Architects Association Tehran, Iran

The workshop “Folding Matters” led by itke research associate Axel Körner in Tehran explored the potential of curved-line and straight line folding to construct structures with double curved geometries from initially flat sheet metal.  Development and fabrication were accomplished within 14 days.

The development was based on folded conical components, simplified to into straight-line folded low-poly cones. The components were divided into two sets – set A folding upwards, set B folding downwards, in relation to the surface normal direction. The alternating folding directions together with folding angles based on local curvature of the design surface determine a connection interface between the panels according to local curvature and, therefore, determine the global geometry after assembly.

The final structure weighs about 95 kg and uses about 20 m² sheet metal to span over a 4.0 m by 2.5 m large area.

Project team
ITKE Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers
University of Stuttgart – Faculty for Architecture and Urban Planning Contemporary

Architects Association Tehran

Workshop team:
Axel Körner (ITKE), Vahid Eshraghi, Leyla Asrar Haghighi Maryam Kalantari

Development, Fabrication and Construction:
Ehsan Alereza Amiri, Pardis Alipour, Mohammadreza Aliyarinia, Seyed Amir Hossein Bayat, Arash Faghihi, Dorsa Ghaemi, Shayan Givehchian, Fateme Nazgol Goudarzi, Niloofar Hadian, Mahdieh Hadian Rasanani, Zohreh Hasanpur Kahnamouei, Hessam kiaei, Seyed Morteza Lotfinejad, Hamidreza Malekkhani, Koosha Mirassadollahi, Saba Mirhosseini, Saina Sabounchi, Sina Sadeghi, Ardalan Sadeghi Kivi, Sepideh Sarpishegi, Zahra Parisa Shafiee, Mahshid Tabatabaie, Malihehossadat Vasfinejad, Mohammad Hamed Zahedmanesh

With support of:
Pooria Baniadam, Amir Pourmoghaddam, Javad Norouzi